In conversation with Kyle Louw

In just one week Mumbai, you will come face-to-face with the sheer warmth and poetry that is Kyle Louw.

WTS is very proud to present a spoken word poetry masterclass – The Intangibles with Kyle Louw and Ikenna Onyegbula (20/21 Aug).

We asked Kyle a few questions 🙂

What does poetry mean to you?
Poetry is not my first love, that special spot in my heart is kept for music. Poetry is more like my older sibling. We argue, a lot, we wrestle for the last piece of apple pie but when the lights dim and the house quiets you will find us, laughing at each others jokes. As time evolves, we grow fonder of one another, puberty and stubborn ego subsides and we start to get down to the meat and potatoes of our relationship.Poetry found me at a vital point in my life. I am not quite sure where I would be if I didn’t choose the current road I am walking, I owe a lot to this art form.

How long have you been writing?
For as long as I can remember, nothing to big at first. My family members used to nominate (force) me to do all the speeches at the special occasions, perhaps they knew something I didn’t at the time. In a professional sense, I have been penning for 4 years now.

What is your creative process?
Simple, vomit words until I feel satisfied with the mess, then slowly start to clean and trim until I am happy. Sometimes music aids this process.

Who/What inspires you?
Everything, to pinpoint a specific inspiration would be challenging but I do love me some love poems so I know that’s a cornerstone in my inspiration.

Advice for aspiring performance poets?
It’s ok to watch videos on YouTube, but don’t imitate anything you see. Don’t create because it is ‘cool’ or you think this is what people want to hear. Write your truth, remove your mask and place your soul between those lines.

A poetry video or poem you absolutely recommend?
This is something a little left field but it is my absolute favorite.

There’s a Man in the Woods:
Kyle has been invited to The Individual World Poetry Slam (iWPS), in Arizona this year and needs your help to make his poetry dream come true. Please help in any way you can –




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