Happy Birthday TPC

The Poetry Club (Mumbai) are celebrating their 2-year anniversary with an evening of poetry, music and great conversations at The Hive in Bandra on 28th June 15.

The event starts at 5pm and will also feature a poetry reading and conversation by the illustrious Ranjit Hoskote.

In order to celebrate this auspicious event, I will be giving a 40% discount to any TPC members who want to attend my Performance Poetry Workshop. Just forward the invite email from TPC to rochelledsilvapoet@gmail.com to avail of the same ūüôā

I asked one of the long-standing members of TPC to send in a testimonial about the club and here’s what he had to say:

“I came in contact with TPC through Big Mic Poetry. So, let me first thank them for this. Ankita and¬†Trupthi were kind enough to invite me to their monthly poetry meet. Though I was attending poetry¬†events in Mumbai for past 1 year, but this was different. Fellow poets were supposed to share feedback¬†or views after your performance, which at least ensured that people will listen. I have learned so many¬†things from my fellow poets in the group, but if I have to pick one thing which I learnt from TPC, it would¬†be patience to listen to constructive criticism. I think this is the toughest thing to do being a poet and¬†TPC exactly broke this barrier for lot of poets like me. It has helped me a great deal to look at my work¬†more objectively. Thank You to these two WONDER GIRLS. Love you both equally. – Saurabh Jain”

(TPC is a platform for poets to share poems, engage in feedback and discussion. If you want to attend one of their monthly sessions and events, you can email them at:



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